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Subject to acceptance of my application, I agree to the following terms of my internship:

  1. This is an unpaid volunteering opportunity. 

  2. I will be hired for a two-week trial period, after which the permanent position at Insipid Board will be subject to further deliberation depending on my performance.

  3. Once I have submitted my work, it will be the creative property of Insipid Board. Therefore, it can be edited and published through their platform.

  4. The submitted work should not be used for any other official purposes (unless permitted by Insipid Board's authorities).

  5. If in the due course of my internship, it is found that my work is copied, referenced, or plagiarized from any sources, my position at Insipid Board will be subject to termination.

  6.  In case of any legal action due to plagiarism of the work that I have submitted, I will be responsible for the consequences.

  7. My internship will be subject to termination, in case:
    a) I remain absent for three consecutive bi-monthly meetings.
    b) I miss three consecutive deadlines for my work.

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