We are here to tell stories. Real ones.

An Insipid Board of Ideas began with a conviction that people were not aware enough to help bring change.

IBI is an enterprise by a group of teens passionate to spread awareness about societal issues by the fictional accounts of people who experience it at ground zero. 

Why 'Insipid'?

Insipid is something that lacks flavor. Those who deem societal issues a joke are insipid. This blog aims to change their views. We aim to show them that society is just as important.

Insipid is something that lacks interest, too. 

The world is wrapped up in a race to success. Though some people keep the flag of humanity high, others have lost interest in the depth of society. We're here to remind them that nothing's as heartening as helping someone.



Pooja Jain, Founder

A rising senior from Kolkata, Pooja believes in grabbing every opportunity that comes her way, According to her, the art of storytelling is the most powerful weapon to persuade a change.

Paakhi Maheshwari, Founder

Paakhi is an eighteen-year-old novelist and blogger. Amidst the hustle of teenage life, she finds refuge in storytelling.

She believes that stories can stigmatize people about social issues more than anything else and that they can revolutionize. 


Storyteller, Team Leader

Sanjeevani Aggarwal

Social Media Manager, Team Leader

Shreya Patel

Graphic Designer, Team Leader

Soumna Nema


Archisha Jaiswal

Graphic Designer

Shubhangi Rajavat

Social Media Manager

Dhimahi Walendra

Social Media Manager