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No Money, Mo Problems.

They called me on my cell phone;

wish it was in the way Drake talked about.

They were afraid my card had been cloned,

and my life was about to fall out.

They said my identity was thieved,

Had to cancel my card or lose all my money.

I really should have believed —

There's more than one way to execute a bank robbery.

They asked for details,

I asked what that entails:

the card number,

time it's valid through,

then three digits, and my life was under.

My hard work, sweat, and blood;

was gone, without a doubt —

In the end, like I said,

my life had fallen out.

The cops said I wasn't alone

this was happening to many others.

I said, "What's that got to do with me?",

and called my employer.

I worked for a cyber-security firm,

so, I assembled my avengers.

Our newest and brightest intern

traced it back to some amateur marauders.

We reported them to the cops,

and for doing their jobs,

we asked them to be of use,

in suing them with legal peruse.

But not everyone is this lucky,

be careful; this is the key:

authenticate and verify,

now that I've got you edified.


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