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The Lost Waters

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

And after a jostling journey, I embark the end to the quality of my present form. Come visit me, on the banks of the holy Ganges, or the mighty Amazon. But, beware, I am tainted and befouled. How unpleasant and ironic it is to find the mainstay of human life in a condition as merciful as this! In my good old days, I was pure and unalloyed, worshipped and prayed. But, through this tedious journey, I learned the endlessly growing frivolity of human nature. I peeked into the lives of all - rich and poor. The poor valued me. They waited in queues to get plentiful of me and strive the whole day with it, which perhaps compelled them to oblige my importance. And I concluded - adversities push humans to realization.

But on the other hand, I saw the rich, playing with me, gaiety sparkling bright in their clear faces, unaware of the awaiting crisis. I was mighty but patient. Technologies developed but my usage increased with unprecedented inequalities in the different social groups. I was quiet, but they weren't satisfied. Anything clean and pure is useless and provoking to human nature. My purity was then cursed with human-made plastics and other wastes. The intelligent realized the gravity and raised their voices. But the greatest misconception held the humans from avoiding their habits -everyone is doing so, how will my gesture affect anyway.

Change can only be brought about by individual realization.

I'll perhaps last for a few more years. You still have time! Nature can remain patient for long, but when situations turn out of control, what proceeds is an extreme crisis - one that we find ourselves to be currently in!

All of us can take a step in insuring less wastage. Small changes can benefit in ensuring a better future.


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