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The Trans Dream

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Nature made a mistake, which I have corrected.

Bright sunshine peeked through the windows and Mohan woke up with his usual charm. He spread him arms and tightened up his muscles. The day might have seemed to be ordinary, but it was a very special day for him. He glanced at the old wall clock and fretted over his lazy self. He needed to hurry up and so concluded to skip the shower.

Mohan grabbed a pair of pink trousers and a blue shirt, touched herself with a sweet pink tint on her lips and a casual eyeliner to add on her charm. She adorned herself in front of the mirror and praised her beauty gathering her confidence. The decision was tough and challenging, but she was a warrior.

Today was the grand opening of her salon - Styles and Smiles, and he was all ready for it. He looked at salon banner and smiled with pride over his choice. Stepping in, Mohan expressed his excitement and enthusiasm to make this a success. And with this began his day.

What awaits Mohan in her journey with the salon?

She sat on the sofa impatiently looking at the door, strolling back and forth and peeping out of the door. It had been two hours, but there wasn't a sign of a single customer. He thought over it once again and consoled herself. Hours passed by restlessly browsing through her phone. And her anxiety couldn't stand anymore. She stepped out of her salon, looked past the pedestrians and reached out to a lady passing by. "Aunty would you like to come over to my salon? I guarantee you the best look from your bouncy curls, you are not going to regret", she said. "Move away you crap. You really think I am going to have myself groomed by a 'hinjra' ?", she detested and walked away. Mohan was dumbstruck. Her heart bled and tears started rolling down ger cheeks. She ashamed, not of her identity, but for the narrow mindset of the society which she was a part of. The harsh reality knocked her off, and she couldn't defend herself. He sat underneath a tree and thought over this for hours, never reaching to a conclusion. Am I untouchable? Does my identity make me different?

Remember this, whoever you are, however you are, you are equally valid, equally justified and equally beautiful.


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