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The Pious Confines (of love)

"Mom, I can't sleep can you tell me a story, please! "

'Long time ago, there lived a princess...' "Mom, I am a princess, am I not?"

"Yes, you are. Now, don't interrupt me."

'A long time ago, there lived a princess. She was the most beautiful and elegant, a paragon of her own kind. She carried herself with a certain countenance, the charm of which was admired by a few but envied by some. There were regular visits by princes of great territories, but the Princess happened to like none of them.'

'She was deeply in love with a trader of a different religion, a faith which was believed to be much more inferior than theirs. And, she very well knew that the king and the queen wouldn't approve. With the inner passion kindling and growing, one day the trader and the princess decided to run away and settle in a faraway land. However, the trader, seeing the opportunity and acting to his profession, manipulated the princess to carry along with her as many riches, jewels, and pearls as possible, giving the excuse that they might need it in the journey to sustain themselves.'

"And what happened after that mommy?"

'As expected, the trader stole away everything from her and left her alone on a deserted island. The Princess cried and screamed, calling for help. She regretted the decision of falling in love with a man from a different religion and an inferior community, and going against her parent's will.'

"But mom if I ever happen to fall in love with someone, who isn't a Hindu, would you not approve?"

"No dear, I wouldn't. And that would be the best decision in your interest."

"But mom aren't they humans?"

"No more questions dear, good night."

Love has no religion.
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