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I was helpless.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Was it my fault, to fall in love with someone who I thought could be the warmth, the sense of security? Was it my fault that I believed him to be the man of our lives, mine, and my daughter's?

I got pregnant in my college days and I had to drop out. It was a difficult decision - either to abort my child and continue pursuing my dreams, or to drop out of college and raise my daughter.

Months passed, I did not meet any people. But seeing her, all those days seemed like they had paid off. She was born into the human world, with the most adorable and charming eyes I had ever seen. I was ready to take every responsibility on my shoulders to raise her.

But, I fell in love once again. He told me he was a casting director. In the beginning, his elegantly suited presence did make me feel shadowy, but my heart melted to see him bonding with my daughter and love her like no one else. We interacted for 6 months when I finally talked to my parents about him. We got married, and he asked me to move to LA with him to continue his work. He insisted, and I did. 

Was life going to be happy for her once again?

But, as we moved to LA, a new phase of my life showed itself - dark and motionless. I was blindly fooled to marry a human trafficker who claimed himself to be a casting director. 

"This is how it works in LA, I had to waste a lot on you, to deceive you," he said.

My only weakness, my daughter was with him. He threatened to take her away if I didn't earn fifteen hundred dollars a day by serving predatory men. I couldn't help it, I had to save my baby.

Yes, it was my fault that I got robbed of love and was trapped in human trafficking for being stupid.

Yes, it was my fault that I got raped for not watching my back.

Anything that happens to a lady is typically her fault and she incurs more punishment for allowing those things to happen to her. I was more frightened to go home to him than to work for him.  

Was I so wrong to try and save my daughter, that I had to give up myself? Was I so wrong to try and save my daughter, that I had to become the victim of human notoriety?

Is trust a mere joke hiding behind cynicism and the dark reality?


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